1:10 GS01 Sawback 4LS 4WD BausatzGM55000 GMADE
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Hersteller: GMADE
Art-Nr.: GM55000
GMADE Art-Nr.: GM55000
EAN: 8809366575588
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Gmade Sawback 4LS Features:
- Realistic GS01 chassis with high strength Nickel plated steel c-channel side rails
- 4 link Suspension system with XD Aeration aluminum shock absorbers
- One-piece ...
GS01 4-Link Conversion-KitGM30040 GMADE
52,90 EUR
inkl. 19% MwSt. zzgl. Versand*

Hersteller: GMADE
Art-Nr.: GM30040
GMADE Art-Nr.: GM30040
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Gmade GS01 Chassis

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Ladegerät xMove 2.0 Evo 12V

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