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DESC410R Stabi.-Satz
Team Durango - 230030

DESC410R Stabi.-Satz

Team Durango
DESC410R Stabi.-Satz

Art-Nr.:TD230030 Hersteller:Team Durango EAN:5052126004207

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DESC410R Stabi.-Satz

This anti-roll bar set is designed specifically for the DESC410R model.

The set includes aluminium turnbuckles for the roll bar links. These have been anodised in gold.

The set includes front and rear roll bars in both 1.5 and 2.0mm thicknesses to give you tuning options for the roll-stiffness of your truck.

The set includes all the fixings required to fit the roll bars to your truck, you will need to use the moulded composite parts that are supplied with your kit when fitting these roll bars.

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