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Wild Turbo Fan WINDY
Wild Turbo Fan - WTF3416

Wild Turbo Fan WINDY

Wild Turbo Fan
Wild Turbo Fan WINDY

Art-Nr.:WTF3416 Hersteller:Wild Turbo Fan

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Wild Turbo Fan WINDY

Windy RC cooling fan spec:

Thrust: Massive 7.g+ @8.4V

Voltage Range : 6.0 - 8.4V

Current Draw: ~0.48A @ 8.4V

RPM: ~23xxx@ 8.4V

Weight: 12.5g Dimension:

34mm width, 16mm height

Unique Features:

- The only purpose made cooling fan for RC model

- Industry first special trumpet intake mouth to smooth & accelerate air for intake

- Dual ball bearings constructions.

- Very strong construction compared to all 30mm x 10 mm fan on the market

- Same mounting point as conventional 30mm fan

- Cooler coil temperatures as the routed air though the extended opening cools coil before entering the blade

- Extra cooling space of the electronics at the bottom of the case For any common 30x10mm cooling fan to achieve thrust of new Windy fan, is like giving it a 14V as compared to a 8.4V. and RPM have to be over 32000!!

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