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Bender SWX Chassis-Set AX10
Axial - AX30506

Bender SWX Chassis-Set AX10

Bender SWX Chassis-Set AX10

Art-Nr.:AX30506 Hersteller:Axial

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Bender SWX Chassis-Set AX10

If your driving style prefers a narrower chassis with just the right amount of suspension travel to maintain stability on any terrain, then you will demand the Bender Customs SWX. The SWX is the 4th generation of several years of chassis research and development.

* Narrow chassis for squeezing through tight gaps
* The originator of the "open sided motor plate".
* Delrin skid plate wraps under the side plates to help you slide over the rocks better
* Skid plate has a directional channel down the center to help prevent lateral slides when on the rocks
* Counter sunk screws help prevent hang ups
* Thick 3mm aluminum side plates provide a rigid chassis
* Includes grey anodized links and bolts directly to any AX10 Scorpion
* Complete easy to follow instructions makes it easy for anyone to install and setup
* Allows the use of most transmissions and dig units currently on the market

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