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Dynamite Mach 2.19T Motor für Traxxas Fahrzeuge
Dynamite - DYN0700

Dynamite Mach 2.19T Motor für Traxxas Fahrzeuge

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Dynamite Mach 2.19T Motor für Traxxas Fahrzeuge

- Direct drop in replacement for all Traxxas nitro vehicles that utilize the Traxxas EZ-Start starting system with no modifications needed
- 2 needle slide valve carburetor for increased linear power delivery
- Knife edge connecting rod for higher rpm’s and less internal turbulence
- ABC piston and sleeve for increased engine life
- Works with all Traxxas nitro vehicles (that use the TRA EZ-Start System) including; T-Max 3.3 monster truck, Jato 3.3 stadium truck, nitro Rustler, nitro Slayer, nitro Stampede in addition to all other Traxxas nitro vehicles
- Works with stock Traxxas pipe

Dynamite’s Mach 2 .19T Traxxas Replacement Engine is the perfect compliment for Traxxas nitro vehicles in need of a new powerplant. With no modifications needed for installation, this direct drop-in replacement engine will push your Traxxas nitro vehicle to its limits and beyond. With features such as a 2 needle slide valve carburetor, ABC piston and sleeve along with knife edge connecting rod for higher RPM’s and less internal turbulence, Dynamite’s Mach 2 .19T Traxxas Replacement engine is the perfect compliment to all Traxxas nitro vehicle platforms that use the TRA EZ-start system.

Product Specifications

Displacement:.19ci. 3.06cc.
Engine (Only) Weight:250g.
RPM Range:up to 35,000
HP:1.8@35,000 rpm
Front Bearing Size:7X19X6
# of Ports:5+1
Carb Type:2 needle slide
Crank Type:SG

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