About Us


Since 2003 we distribute everything around the RC-Car hobby over the internet. Together with our partner, MOB Berlin, who has been selling remote-controlled cars in Berlin since 1990, we have a wealth of experience and knowledge at our disposal.

RC-Car - from passion

We only sell brands and manufacturers of which we ourselves are convinced. Our highest goal is the satisfaction of our customers. We always try to send your orders as fast as possible to you. Here we also try to pay attention to a sustainable and safe packaging.

Clear and convenient

Our online shop is developed daily by us to make shopping as pleasant as possible for you. Of course, we also try to structure the multitude of articles into meaningful categories. Thus we have divided the spare and tuning parts for the models into separate categories.

SERVICE is our first priority.

Should a warranty claim ever arise, we are always ready for you and take over the handling with the respective manufacturer for you.

Retail shop

Right in the heart of Berlin, close to the radio tower, you will find our partner, the company MOB Berlin. Mr. Lehmann has been a professional in the field of RC cars for more than 25 years and will be happy to advise you on site.