ERS-962 HV Servo 25,3kg/0.07s

ERS-962 HV Servo 25,3kg/0.07s
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ERS-962 Digital High Voltage Servo (25.3kgcm/0.07s/40 7.4V/waterproof) This servo from the
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ERS-962 Digital High Voltage Servo (25.3kgcm/0.07s/40 7.4V/waterproof)

This servo from the Sanwa specialists keeps the water out. No matter, what you are intending to do with it: the Sanwa ERS-962 isn't impressed by water in any way and does its work completely unimpressed.

Optimum numbers also deserve the intrinsic values such as the coreless motor, metal gears and aluminium heat sink. The result is a package that guarantees highest efficiency and exhibits a surprisingly low price compared to similar servos.

Weight: 62g
Size: 40.3x20.2x35.9mm
Waterproof: Yes
Speed 7.4V: 0.07s/40°
Torque 7.4V: 25.3kg/cm
Metal gear: Yes, Steel
Aluminium heat sink: Yes
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