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Revo 16lb. Feder lang rot (2)
Hot Racing - RVO5090

Revo 16lb. Feder lang rot (2)

Hot Racing
Revo 16lb. Feder lang rot (2)

Art-Nr.:HR-RVO5090 Hersteller:Hot Racing

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Revo 16lb. Feder lang rot (2)

this is shiny red color, 9 turn, 50mm long, 2.3 mm wire, preload lift springs 16 lb/in Traxxas nitro Revo truck, Hot Racing cold-coiled springs are designed to support your Traxxas Revo with a little extra lift. these springs will help raise your truck after adding heavy duty upgrades. adding these springs will add 5 to 10 percent more ground clearance to your Traxxas Revo.

these springs are 5mm longer than the stock Traxxas Revo springs this will change the preload position of spring adjuster to the top, and provides the Revo gts shock a wider range of suspension adjustment. spring steel plated chrome then powder coated with a distinctive chip-resistant shiny red color finish

weight rating 16 lb/in 9 turn, 50mm long

two springs

assembly onto vehicle

coil springs can be either "hot-coiled" or "cold-coiled". cold-coiled springs are more precise, Hot Racing cold coiled springs are wound from pre-heat treated spring wire stock. many so call performance springs are cold-coiled from annealed "bundle stock" then quenched and tempered after coiling. this method produces a less accurate spring and can result in surface imperfections. after coiling, the closed ends are ground, completed springs are inspected, powder-coated or plated then checked for dimensions, trueness and rate

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loading... Revo 16lb. Feder lang rot (2) Revo 16lb. Feder lang rot (2)

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