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SC10 Inboard-Lenkhebel
Proline - 6068-00

SC10 Inboard-Lenkhebel

SC10 Inboard-Lenkhebel

Art-Nr.:P-6068-00 Hersteller:Proline

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SC10 Inboard-Lenkhebel

This is Pro-Line's SC10 Front Inboard Hub kit. This kit replaces the stock SC10 front hubs and axles and converts it to a floating 12mm hex, so you can run Pro-Line’s ProTrac wheels in the front of your SC10. When combined with Pro-Line’s #6064-05 Rear Hex Adapters for the SC10, you can now run the same Pro-Trac Hex wheel on the front and rear of your truck! This kit is destined to become the must have item for your SC10 because it eliminates front and rear specific wheels for your SC10. Get them now!

6068-00 Features:
* Direct replacement for your SC10 front hubs and axles
* Allows 12mm Hex wheels Pro-Trac offset to be used on the front of your SC10 ( #2727 Renegade, #2723 Split Six )
* When used with #6064-05 Rear Hex Adapters, this kit allows for the same wheel to be used for the front and rear of your SC10
* Race tested and approved by Ryan Cavalieri

What's included:
* Molded steering knuckles (2)
* Precision ball bearings (4)
* 12mm Hex Adapters (2)
* Axles (2)
* Shims (2)
* Roll pins (2)
* Axle nuts (2)

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