ProTrac Aufhängungs-Kit Slash 4x4

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This is the ProTrac™ Suspension Kit for the Slash® 4x4. Pro-Line's new ProTrac™... mehr
Produktinformationen "ProTrac Aufhängungs-Kit Slash 4x4"
This is the ProTrac™ Suspension Kit for the Slash® 4x4. Pro-Line's new ProTrac™ Suspension kit for the Slash® 4x4 is an easy to install kit that greatly increases forward acceleration, corner speed, consistency and drivability. Pro-Line revolutionized the 2WD Slash® with the original ProTrac™ Suspension kit and now the same advantages are available for your Slash® 4x4! The kit includes longer Front and Rear suspension arms for improved handling, ProTrac™ wheels that bring the truck back to Stock ROAR Legal width and new longer turnbuckles. The ProTrac™ arms not only look tricker than the stock arms, but they are beefier and have more suspension adjustment holes so you can dial in the truck to your track. Also, Pro-Line’s ProTrac™ wheels have become the standard in the 4x4 SC class with the SC10 4x4 and SCTE 4x4 both capable of running ProTrac™ wheels. If you only do one upgrade to your Slash® 4x4, this is by far the one to have because Pro-Line's new ProTrac™ Suspension kit will transform your truck into a true RACING MACHINE!

**While the stock axles will work with the ProTrac™ Suspension Kit, some customers may want a heavy duty CVD option for their truck (for Racing or Extreme Bashing purposes). The following MIP option has been confirmed to work with the kit:
MIP #11104 X-Duty CVD Kit (2 Required for Front and Rear)
MIP #10133 X-Duty Front Axle (2 Required for Front Left and Front Right)

Additional note: If you already own X-Duty CVDs for the Slash®/Stampede® 4x4, you can use MIP #11105 Male bones to convert your drives to the new length. Axles can then be skipped in this case.

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Tuningteil Traxxas Slash 4x4
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