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B4/T4/SC10 Alu.-Servohalter
Team STRC - STC1779B

B4/T4/SC10 Alu.-Servohalter

B4/T4/SC10 Alu.-Servohalter

Art-Nr.:SPT-STC1779B Hersteller:Team STRC

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B4/T4/SC10 Alu.-Servohalter

Securely mount your steering servo with out high quality CNC machined aluminum servo mounts for your SC10/B4/T4. The blue matches up to the Associated blue anodizin, while the other colors can be a part of the final touches to customizing your Associated off-road vehicle to a different color, making it stand out from others out there. Try converting your entire car to Red, Silver or Gun metal.

Alternative zu Team Associated #1779

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