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AX10RTR Alu.-Anlenkungsset grün
Team STRC - STA30888G

AX10RTR Alu.-Anlenkungsset grün

Art-Nr.:SPT-A30888G Hersteller:Team STRC

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AX10RTR Alu.-Anlenkungsset grün

Don't want your Axial AX10 to look the same as everyone else's? Tired of looking at that green? You can now change the entire look of your Axial AX10 and customize it to a completely different color with our suspension links & hardware color conversion kit. Each kit comes with all the major aluminum links and hardware components on the AX10 for you the change the color to something fresh and different.

Each kit contains:

4 pcs of Aluminum 30 deg. bend suspension links
1 pc of 106mm steering link
1 pc of 33mm steering link
6 pcs of 55mm links (upper link and chassis cross member)
4 pcs of 6mm washers
4 pcs of 7mm flat head screw washers

This kit will take care of the major visible alum. components on your AX10 and change it to a different color.

ATTN: Axial AX10 RTR (Ready to Run) owners, this is a very economical way for you to change your kit's plastic suspension links to aluminum links. You will only need 3x14mm set screws, and rod ends + ball links to complete your conversion to aluminum links for your RTR. A lot cheaper than purchasing these items by the pairs through original manufacture. To complete the conversion to aluminum links, AX10 RTR owners will need the following Axial parts:

AXA1331 (Ball link)
AXA186 (3x14mm set screws, these are what holds the rod ends to the links)
AX80005 (rod end parts tree)

These aluminum links also match up perfectly in color to our comprehensive line of AX10 option parts

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