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Tekno RC REVO Gas-Anlenkungssatz
Tekno RC - TKR-1011

Tekno RC REVO Gas-Anlenkungssatz

Tekno RC
Tekno RC REVO Gas-Anlenkungssatz

Art-Nr.:TKR-1011 Hersteller:Tekno RC

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Tekno RC REVO Gas-Anlenkungssatz

NOTE: We have designed this product with the Traxxas TRX 2.5/R and 3.3R engines in mind. It may work with an array of other engines but compatibility is only guaranteed for Traxxas TRX Engines. This is a totally new design and is different from the stock arm and all of the 'other' aluminum arms.

A Forward Only Conversion (TRA5394X) or relocation of the shift servo is required.

The Tekno RC Pro Throttle Linkage will provide you with the smoothest bind-free throttle response available for the Traxxas REVO 2.5 and 3.3 vehicles. Say good-bye to wide open throttle problems and stuck carburetors. Throttle response time is quicker due to the innovative design. Your throttle servo won't be subjected to as much stress, which means fewer burnouts and stripped servo gears.

The Tekno RC linkage uses a ball cup and bearings to pull the carburetor arm straight out without any fuss. Ball cups have been used for throttle applications for years in just about every nitro vehicle on the market and now it's available for the REVO.

Custom designed and race tested, our new throttle arm is CNC machined out of 6061-T6 aluminum and is blue anodized to match the look of your REVO. In true Tekno RC fashion, everything needed for an effortless installation is included in the package.

- Smooth bind-free operation
- Faster throttle response
- CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum throttle arm
- Bearings and all hardware included
- Bolt-on installation (TKR1001 recommended)
- Part # TKR1011
- Compatible with stock or aftermarket servo horns
- Fits under stock body
- Fits around roll hoop/bar
- Side pipe configurations still possible

Contents: (1) Tekno RC blue anodized CNC machined 6061-T6 aluminum throttle arm, (2) 5x8x2.5mm bearings, (2) Tekno RC throttle linkage rods, (1) nylon ball cup, (1) return spring, (1) stopper (collar with setscrew), (1) mounting bracket, necessary hardware to mount everything, detailed installation instructions.

Side pipe info:
We have received many questions about which side pipe setups will work. Here are a couple that we have tested for use:
- HPI header (HPI86163) w/ Resonator pipe for the Traxxas Jato/4-Tec (TRA5483 , TRA5485).
- Jammin' CRT.5 header and pipe (JP-5 OFN40885) or the stock CRT.5 pipe (OFN40877).

For any side pipe configuration, the EZ-Start must be removed. If using a roto-start, you may need to grind the header and/or roto-start housing to fit. If using the CRT.5 pipe setup, some grinding and drilling of 2 small holes (for the header spring) is required for optimum fit. You will also need a pipe holder (HBC8103).

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